Bullet Force: Tips and Tricks for the Newbies to Play

Bullet Force is an epic multi-player first-person shooter game that is available out there. The game features everything that you could have asked for in a shooting game. Surprisingly, the game also comes with a single-player mode where you can play with the bots. It is one of the most popular shooting games that you can come across. If you haven’t tried it yet then, you should definitely give it a try.

Tips and Tricks to Follow

In case if, you are playing the game of Bullet Force for the first time then, you may find the game a bit challenging but, that shouldn’t stop you from playing it. With the help of these tips and tricks that are listed below or on https://thatgamehack.com/bullet-force-hack-worth/, you can easily bring the game under your control.

When your round is about to end and you still have the UAV, don’t try to save it. Use the UAV because activating UAV even when the round is about to end is going to fetch you 250 XP. This will help you to increase your level faster and thus, you will be able to unlock the perks in the game early.

Players need to keep in mind that they cannot activate a UAV if there is a friendly UA already activated in the game. However, if there is an enemy counter-UAV in use, you can activate your UAV.

With the help of the muzzle brakes in the game, you can reduce the recoil of your gun. It will make it easier for you to shoot in full auto.

You can make use of the suppressors if you want to remain off the mini-map. But in the case of UMP, the suppressor actually makes the gun sound much louder than without it. Also, suppressors can help you hide from those annoying headphone wearing enemies. The longer you stay quiet and hidden, the longer you can survive in the game.

When you are in a gun fight, you can make use of the flash bangs. They are really useful in the game since they are used to blind the enemy with a flash of light and along with an ear-piercing noise. With the help of this, you can get the chance of killing your enemy.

So these are some of the tips and tricks that you need to follow. With the help of these tips, you are sure to do well in the game.

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