Product Review: BlackBerry Pearl 8110

The Blackberry 8110 is the latest in the Blackberry mini-smart phone range, it’s got a great range of features and it’s worth checking out if your looking for a Blackberry at comparatively little cost. The phone itself is aesthetically pleasing, it’s available in a number of colors including silver, and blue.

Overall, the hardware on this phone is pretty basic, there is no support for WI-Fie and this leaves you with the strictly limited GPRS and EDGE technology, keeping your Internet fairly slow and stopping you from watching any media online. The camera is actually very good, and this is really worth having a look into if you’re happy with limited zoom functionality. The phone charges remarkably quickly, though the battery life is very, very poor for a Blackberry.

The phone comes jam packed with great software including Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, MyDocuments (or at least a trial version), and the operating system it uses is fairly good (if not hard to navigate at first).

The price of the phone varies significantly between networks and stores, we managed to pick up the phone for about £80 (pay-and-go) which is fantastic, we even managed to negotiate our way to a years worth of e-mail and Internet.

Total Score
So, what’s the verdict? Well, all in all, this is a great phone for anyone to have, whether your a teen looking for superb way to access Facebook or a company director looking to check up on your e-mails.

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